With Lock up your Hotel will be safer

In Lock up, we update your locks but don't change them for one simple reason: the traditional part of your locking systems will keep on working. We just update the mechanism.

We choose that both systems can work at the same time. Those that still work on batteries are updated transforming both systems into battery users and saving consumption.

As regards security, Lock Up is a robust and secure system since all flow of information is end-to-end encrypted in AES128. All our servers have guarantee certificates and privacy policies

Furthermore, since locks are not online, they cannot be hacked remotely . There is no remote access to them. This characteristic makes them extremely safe. Lock up information sent to server is also secured with end-to-end  encryption

Lock up Solid characteristics are based on 3 corner stones:

All flow of information and communication is encrypted  in AES128within our system: mobile App, servers even private areas on website. Security System is constantly audited reaching the highest levels of security.

All lock up flow of information and communication is regulated by SSL security controls. In case there is a system breakdown, it would continue working since all our servers have back ups in various locations

In Lock up, we update your locks but don't change them. We adapt our system so it goes hand in hand with your lock no matter the old brand

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